Sunday, January 02, 2011

Sunday Best

Today sees the start of a new weekly post on Google Maps Mania. Each week, in a 'Sunday Best' post, I plan to do a quick round-up of the four or five maps that have caught my eye on Google Maps Mania in the previous week.

Because Google Maps Mania has been a little quieter than normal over the holidays this week I have picked out just the three maps:


This Google Map from the French national research agency CNRS is very clever. The map simulates forest fires in Crete based on lots of data, including fuel, roads and elevation.

HMSG Spiral Map

This rather beautiful map of the Capital District of New York is one of the best sound-maps that I've seen.

GE Flight Simulator (0.4)

GE Flight Simulator is a very realistic flight simulation game that uses the Google Earth plugin. If you like flying games then you will love this.


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