Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rail Complaints on Google Maps

UK Rail Tweet Map

Until now there has been no way to visualise the dawn chorus of complaining commuters. Hurrah then, for the #ukrailtweetmap, which is trying to do for public transport what #UKSnow did for the weather.

Judging by my Twitter stream, micro-blogging services were invented to give passengers a means to vent their anger at delays on the public transportation system.

This Google Map of Tweets with the hashtag '#ukrailtweetmap' shows the location and the messages of people who have tweeted about their journey on the UK train network. To add a tweet to the map, use the hashtag #ukrailtweetmap and specify the nearest train station.

Now, to find out about the latest delays to the UK railways, you just need to fire up this Google Map and read all the submitted complaints.

Via: @psychemedia


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