Thursday, January 27, 2011

Public Sex Spots on Google Maps


Location sharing websites abound on the internet. You can share the location of your favorite restaurants, shops, bars and art galleries.

LovingPlaces however have spotted a gap in the market. So far no one has created a site where you can share the public spaces where you like to have sex. LovingPlaces have therefore filled the gap so that now you can share "the perfect places to be romantic with your girlfriend, partner, lover or significant other."

LovingPlaces uses Google Maps to show the locations submitted by lovers around the world. Using the map you can search for public spaces recommended by others and read their reviews, comment on the location and even get driving directions.



Jon said...

Similar idea to

Anonymous said...

I saw this for spain at

Keir Clarke said...

I think it is from the same developers as mispicaderos.