Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Barcelona's Mobile Friendly Websites Map

According to Google if smart-phone users have a poor mobile browsing experience 61% of them won't visit a website again. To coincide with the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona, Google have partnered with the Barcelona City Council to create Barcelona Go Mobile.

For the initiative Google helped businesses and landmarks in Barcelona optimise their websites for mobile phones. The Barcelona Go Mobile Google Map is a guide to mobile friendly websites in the Catalan capital.

The map allows users to search and find mobile friendly websites via a number of categories (culture, hotels, restaurants etc). If you click on a marker you can view screenshots of the selected website before and after it was optimised for mobile browsing. You can also click on the screenshots to visit the selected location's mobile website.

Via: Technomaps

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Anonymous said...

Also Google has created the Barcelona map in 3D where we can view lot's of buildings in this format.