Sunday, February 12, 2012

Google Maps of the Week

The stand-out map of the last week has to be Blocky Earth, a fabulous WebGL experiment using the Google Maps API to show a 3d representation of the Earth.

To view the map you will probably need to use the Chrome browser as Blocky Earth uses canvas and WebGL to render locations representing terrain and elevation with cubic blocks. The map includes a search option so you can choose to view any location on the Earth.

The map also has options to zoom in and out, rotate the map and to view it in full-screen mode.

I really shouldn't claim one of my own maps as one of the best of the week. Especially when this map is still far from perfect but ... IT'S STREET VIEW ON MARS!

Martian Street View uses panoramas of Mars captured from NASA's Mars' missions with the Custom Panorama function in the Google Maps API to help you take a virtual walk on the moon.

Weather Underground's WunderMap now allows the user to view historical weather records on a Google Map.

A calendar control above the map allows the user to select a date and view the historical weather records for that day. The records include radar, storm reports and even weather related photographs and webcam images taken on that day.

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Kelly Jones said...

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