Monday, February 20, 2012

Record Your Ski Runs with Google Maps

Recon Instruments make micro optics display systems with GPS tracking technology for outdoor sports - in effect a heads up display for your ski goggles.

The HUD lets you view maps and statistics, such as your current speed and altitude. The devices can also record your ski runs, which you can replay later on a Google Map. The Google Map animated replays of your ski runs show your route, your current speed and altitude and some impressive statistics such as your average and maximum speed and altitude during your run.

The home page of the Recon Instruments website shows recent recorded ski runs by users, so even if you haven't bought a HUD you can view the ski runs added by those who have. The home page also features a Google Map of added runs so you can search for recorded ski runs on your favourite pistes throughout the world.


Tee Times said...

this is a great innovation in skiing.. cool.

Daniel P. Mannings said...

I usually check ski maps at and this one would be a great help too.