Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Oscar for the best Google Map goes to ..

Tripline allows anyone to easily create an embeddable interactive Google Map of a journey or trip. Discover Los Angeles has used Tripline to create this map of LA Locations from 'The Artist'.

The winner of five Oscars, The Artist is set in 1920's LA. The Locations from 'The Artist' map takes the user on an animated tour of some of the locations featured in the film.

For those who live in LA the map creates a great guide to get out and visit the locations used in the film. For those of us who don't live in LA the map is missing photos and the option to view the locations in Street View.


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Back during my retail bookseller days, the runaway most popular request from visitors to LA of movie locations was the "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane" house (the current owners I've heard are NOT amused with their home's provenance).

The majority of filming is for commercials or various other non-theatrical uses. Anyone that has had their street (or entire neighborhood) taken over for a film shoot, from a pivotal scene in cinematic history to a few seconds of screen time, can attest to the both the immediate impact of the filming experience and its long (often more annoying) afterlife.

Filmland trivia: 2012 is the centennial year of the very first maps to Hollywood motion picture sites and homes of stars --at a time when much of Beverly Hills was still unpaved dirt roads through bean fields!