Friday, February 10, 2012

Hand Drawn Google Maps

With the help of over 200 students from University College London, the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis created this UCL Hand-Drawn Map of London.

The hand-drawn map has been imported into Google Maps, presumably using the department's own GMap Image Cutter. It is interesting to zoom and pan around the map and explore how the students' perceive the world around them and how they view London's many suburbs and areas.

They Draw & Travel is a collection of wonderful user submitted hand-drawn maps.

A Google Map of submissions lets you browse the hand-drawn maps submitted to the They Draw & Travel website. You can click on any of the map markers to view the hand-drawn map submitted for that location.

Claire Murray;s Map of Edinburgh

Claire Murray is the creator of a hand-drawn map and guide to Scotland's capital city, which you can buy for only $10. The guide includes: where to find the best breakfasts; real pubs; fancy cocktails; what to do on a rainy day; how to conquer Arthurs Seat and a hell of a lot more.

Claire has used the Google Maps API to present her hand drawn map of Edinburgh on-line. The map uses the Google Map controls so it is possible to zoom in on the lovely detail of Claire's map, for example the naked ladies next to the Blue Blazer.

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