Friday, February 03, 2012

Laser Firing UFO Caught on Google Maps

I don't know how the governments of the world managed to hush this one up. Here Google Maps provides further proof that aliens already walk among us. In 'fact' this satellite view shows the Dutch town of Breda whilst actually under attack from a multi-laser firing UFO.

More proof of little green men found on Google Maps can be seen here.

I Am a Name, Not a Number

Fans of the original cult 1960's TV show The Prisoner will be delighted to hear that the village of Portmeirion in Wales now has Street View. Much of the success of the show was due to it being shot in this wonderfully unique Welsh village.

The village was designed and built by Sir Clough Williams-Ellis between 1925 and 1975 in the style of an Italian village and really is a beautiful place to visit. If you can't get to Portmeirion in person you can now at least take a virtual stroll around the village in Google Maps.

A Penny-Farthing Towing a Platypus

One of my life's ambitions was to be the first man to tow a platypus, behind a penny-farthing, around the town of Cottesloe in Australia. I'm sad to have to report that someone has beaten me to it.

Asterix on a Mountain

Street View has captured Asterix sitting on a mountain in France (although it is probably a menhir and not a mountain). You probably won't be surprised to hear that this Street View image comes from an Asterix theme park, Parc Asterix, just north of Paris.

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