Monday, February 20, 2012

Your Twitter Friends on Google Maps

Twitter Friends Map lets you view the people you follow on a Google Map. Once you connect the map with your Twitter account you can view the locations of all the people you follow on Twitter.

The map includes a novel marker clustering solution. Clusters of your friends are shown by a number within a white circle marker. If you mouse-over the marker it expands to display the profile pictures of your friends.

If you like the map or the marker clustering solution you can view the code on gihub.


Anonymous said...

When I did this it showed that the council road gritting department in Somerset, England, is apparently in California.

Ellie K said...

Some of the results are surprising, but I don't think they are necessarily incorrect. I would feel differently if I had seen anything totally anomalous e.g. a Somerset, England council road gritting dept appearing in California.

I did find that a few of my Twitter friends were located in different countries than I thought, or more commonly, used proxy servers or similar for better internet connectivity. No harm done in either case.

Thank you for this post, Google Maps Mania! I really enjoyed using it to map my Twitter friends...wish I had seen it sooner.

human mathematics said...

Fun. I would have liked to see the marks sized by how much we actually interact (favourites, RT's, mentions) . But thanks to the developer/s anyhow.