Monday, February 13, 2012

New York Restaurant Heatmaps

Concentration of American restaurants in New York

Dan K's Blog has followed up a recent post on Heatmap of Restaurants in New York with a new post on Cuisine Concentration in New York City.

The original post was interesting in showing the restaurant density in New York City. However the maps don't reveal anything too surprising - the highest density of restaurants appear to be in those areas that you would kind of expect to see high numbers of restaurants.

The Cuisine Concentration in New York City heatmaps are much more interesting to me. The maps show the concentration of American, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Mexican, Caribbean, Korean, Spanish, Thai and Italian restaurants in the Big Apple.

It might just be me but I find it fascinating being able to view where different types of restaurants are concentrated in the city. The maps are quite useful as well. If you fancy a certain type of cuisine you can consult the heat maps to find out the areas in New York that you should visit.

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