Thursday, February 16, 2012

Watch 3D Previews of Hiking Routes

If you want to encourage your friends to join you on a hike then you could do worse than show them a 3d tour of the route using the Google Earth plugin.

MapMyHike is a website and mobile application for mapping and finding great hikes. You can search for a hiking route by location or by zooming in on a Google Map and searching for all the hikes in the current map view.

Each of the hikes come with extensive details about length and elevation, and a dedicated Google Map of the route.It is also possible to view a tour of the selected hike with the help of the Google Earth browser plugin. The tour really gives a great idea of the terrain, difficulty and scenery that you are likely to experience on the hike.

If you like the features provided by MapMyHike then you will probably also enjoy MapMyRun and MapMyRide from the same stable.

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Many possibilities with Google Earth to plan hiking routes :