Monday, February 20, 2012

Google Maps Chrome Extensions

ShowOnMap is a handy Chrome extension that highlights all the location keywords on a web page and shows them in a pop-up map, without disturbing the user's browsing experience.

Using this extension whenever you browse the web you can click on any location and immediately view it on a Google Map without having to leave the web page.

Carbon Footprint for Google Maps is a browser extension for Chrome that automatically estimates the total CO2 emission for a driving route. The estimation is shown in Google Maps next to each stage's distance.

To see how many trees you need to plant and how long you need to wait for them to offset the displayed CO2 emission, just hover the mouse over the estimation.

Full-Screen Google Maps is a Chrome Extension that adds a 'view in full-screen' button to Google Maps.

When you browse Google Maps you can hit the button and elements in Google Maps that take up screen space (such as the panel or the search bar) are then removed from the screen.


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