Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Say It With Google Maps

In honour of Valentine's Day The Toronto Kiss Map has gone national and made available a Canada Kiss Map.

The map allows anyone to share the location and story behind their romantic encounters. Whether it's a first kiss, a last kiss, a hot and heavy kiss or just a peck on the check then Canada Kiss Map wants to know all about it.

Indoor Maps for Valentines

Google's narrative driven ads have become very good in the last couple of years. Here's one advertising Google Maps' shopping mall maps, with an appropriate Valentine's Day theme.

Even if you can't afford Tiffany diamonds this Valentine's Day you can still share your love with this Google Map from the self proclaimed 'world's premier jeweler'. Tiffany & Co's - Love is Everywhere Map allows you to add your romantic stories to a Google Map.

To share your favourite romantic locations you just need to click on the 'Share your love' button and place the heart shaped map marker on the correct spot on the map.

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