Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Fun for Petrol Heads

The Daytono 500 takes place this Sunday. To help the drivers in this year's race Jockular has posted the Google Maps driving directions for a lap of the circuit. Basically just keep turning left until you reach the finish line.

If car racing is the kind of thing that pumps your gas then check out this Google Sightseeing post on the Fuji Speedway. The whole track is on Street View so you can take a tour of the famous track from the comfort of your own chair - vroom.

Google also has Street View for the Thunderhill Raceway. This video, shot from the rear of a Fun Cup racing car, shows the street view car in action.

The Laguna Raceway is also on Google Maps. A while ago I created this animated tour of the circuit using the Street View images captured by Google.

Finally, if all this racing talk has whetted your appetite, then you can try racing a car yourself on Google Maps. Mini Maps on Facebook is a great driving game for Facebook that lets you race anywhere in the world on Google Maps.

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