Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Martian Street View

A couple of week ago I started working on creating a Martian Street View Map using panoramas of Mars captured from NASA's Mars' missions.

I ran into a few problems with the map and more or less gave up on the project until Rob of Map Channels stepped in and kindly offered to help. Thanks to Rob we now have a working Martian Street View Map

There are a few problems with the map - all of which are due to me and are not a result of Rob's excellent work. I had a lot of difficulty working out where the panoramas should be located on the map - in fact I'm fairly certain I've actually put nearly all of them in the wrong place (if you spot errors in the geo-location of the images and know the correct latitude and longitude for Google Mars please let us know in the comments).

There are also some problems in the way different browsers display the panoramas. I think the Street Views should display properly in Firefox but may look strange in some versions of Chrome and Internet Explorer.

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