Thursday, June 28, 2018

All Flights Lead to Rome

Two years ago Moovel Labs created a beautiful mapped visualization called Roads to Rome. The map showed the quickest route by road from 486,713 different starting points in Europe to the eternal city of Rome.

Moovel Labs are now back with another stunning mapped visualization, this time showing the quickest flight routes to Rome from across the globe. Flights to Rome visualizes the quickest flight routes to the Italian capital from 712,425 locations around the world. Routes to the nearest airport from each of these locations are based on the OpenStreetMap road network. From there FlightRadar24 data has been used to show the flight route to Rome Fiumicino Airport.

The interactive mapped version of Flights to Rome allows you to explore a 2d map of this global network of flight routes, leading to Rome. It also includes a 3D map view which allows you to view the flight routes in and out of every major airport around the world in three dimensions. This 3D view allows you to pan around airports to observe how flight routes enter and leave the selected airport.

The two dimensional map of Flights to Rome allows the user to observe important connection hubs where global travelers are changing flights on their trips to Rome. From the east global travelers to Rome most often change flights in Moscow. Far eastern traffic tends to come via Istanbul.

Moovel Labs has also created maps visualizing the global flight routes to New York and Tokyo. If you are an Italian who wants to get as far away from Italy as possible by plane then Moovel Labs has also got you covered. It has created a list of the most remote airports from Rome.

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