Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Buses of Bangalore

Bangalore's Bus Routes is a mapped visualization of over 2,000 bus routes. The map shows the city's extensive bus network, color-coded by route numbers. Series 2 buses (buses whose bus number starts with 2) mainly support the west of the city. Series 1 buses operate in the eastern half of the city.

The interactive visualization allows you to view the individual routes of the city's 6 longest bus routes. Route 600 is the longest route, It makes a 117 km trip around much of the city. You can hover over individual bus-stops on the map to view which bus routes the stop supports. You can also hover individual routes on the map to view its route number. 

I particularly like the small multiples which show the Bangalore bus-stops with the most routes. These four smaller maps show the four bus-stops in the city which have the most bus routes passing through the stop. On each map all the routes a stop supports are highlighted. This results in the bus-stop being lit-up in the middle of its own bus network, with all the routes snaking out in every direction from the stop.

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