Monday, June 11, 2018

New York's Oral History Map

In the 1950's East New York was populated largely by Jewish and Italian Americans. During the 1960's the area saw a massive change and by the end of the decade was predominately populated by African Americans and Hispanic residents. The East New York Oral History Project is capturing the personal experiences of people who lived in East New York from 1960 - 1970, during this time of rapid change.

The map is made up of a number of sound recordings made by people who lived in East New York from 1960-1970. Using the map you can listen to these East New York residents talk about their memories of the neighborhood during this time of rapid demographic change. The map also includes a layer which allows you to compare the percent of black residents living in each census tract of New York in 1960 and in 1970.

The East New York Oral History Project includes a Brooklyn 'redline' map. This historical map shows how Brooklyn neighborhoods were rated by the Home Owner’s Loan Corporation in the 1930's. People who lived in areas that were redlined were denied federal loans. Areas with a large African American population were almost universally redlined.

Check out the Sound Maps tag on Maps Mania for more oral history maps and other maps featuring sound recordings.

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