Friday, June 01, 2018

The International Geography Bee

Welcome to the 2018 Maps Mania International Geography Bee.

This year's International Geography Bee involves three rounds:

Round 1. National Geographic
Round 2. Historical Maps
Round 3. 1,000 km

Round 1:

The National Geographic quiz is 10 questions long. All of the questions were compiled by National Geographic from the USA's National Geography Bee.

Round 2:

The Historical Maps quiz is a Guardian quiz which simply asks you to identify the correct cities displayed in 10 historical vintage maps.

Round 3:

1,000 km is the deciding round. In this round you need to complete one game of Google's Smarty Pins map game. In this map quiz you have to answer questions by dropping a pin on an interactive map. You start the game with an allowance of 1,000 km. When you get a question wrong the distance you are wrong by is deducted from your kilometer allowance. See how many questions you can answer before you run out of kilometers.

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