Friday, June 22, 2018

Trump's Migrant Camps for Children

In Where are the migrant child facilities? Scattered across America The Washington Post is attempting to map where migrant children are being held in the United States. The paper has mapped out the locations of facilities where it is known migrant children are being held and intends to update the map as more information comes to light.

At the moment the map is just a simple interactive graphic with markers showing the locations of the known facilities. The result is that the map doesn't work well for states like Texas who have a large number of facilities where children are being held. If you hover over the map markers you can view the name of a facility. Unfortunately the markers in Texas and in some other states are so numerous that it isn't possible to view the name of every facility on the map.

The Washington Post's map already needs zoom controls so that readers can drill down to all the individual facilities. If the Post does intend to update this map as the story develops a better interactive map will be needed.

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