Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Mapping the Historical Layers of London

A new interactive map plans to document the history of London from the time of the Romans right up to the present day. Layers of London uses vintage maps, images and crowd-sourced information to identify locations across the capital which have important historical significance. All of which can be explored and viewed on the Layers of London interactive map.

Essentially Layers of London is an interactive map to which anyone can add historical markers. These markers identify locations of historical importance across the capital. The alpha release of Layers of London includes markers categorized into 43 different historical collections. The map includes 5 overlays which allow you to view historical maps and aerial imagery of London. The map also includes a timeline which allows you to filter the markers by date range.

Anyone can contribute to Layers of London by identifying locations of historical significance. These contributions can be supported by old photographs, first hand memories or the results of a local research project. One aim of Layers of London is to get community groups and schools across London to develop local history projects and contribute information to the interactive map. Layers of London is working with Historic England's Heritage Schools Initiative to support schools with resources for creating local history projects. Participating schools can earn a Historic England plaque while students each achieve a Heritage Schools Achievement Certificate.

If you are interested in the history of London you might also enjoy HistoryPin. HistoryPin is a crowd-sourced interactive map for browsing and sharing historical images, photographs and stories about local communities. The map includes thousands of vintage photographs of London (and the rest of the world) taken throughout the 19th and 20th centuries.

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