Tuesday, June 05, 2018

MapKit - Apple's New Mapping API

Apple has launched a new desktop mapping API. MapKit.js allows you to create interactive maps for websites using the Apple Maps base map layers (a road-map, satellite and satellite with labels).

MapKit has been launched in beta with three main services: a geocoder, a search option and directions. It supports GeoJson and map overlays, including map markers, image overlays and polylines & polygons.

Map Overlays

Overlays - MapKit allows you to add polygons and polylines to a map. It also includes a circle overlay which allows you to add a circle to your map.

Annotations - annotations appear to be labels which you can add to markers and/or image overlays. It also looks to me that you use annotations to add a marker to a map (e.g. "new mapkit.MarkerAnnotation").


The beta of MapKit has launched with three main services:

Geocoder - the MapKit geodcoder provides forwards and reverse geocoding. It can also provide the user's current location (if permission is granted).

Search - the MapKit search can locate businesses, locations and other points of interest. It includes an auto-complete option for user input.

Directions - the MapKit directions service can provide step-by-step directions and journey times for different modes of transport (although I can't see in the documentation which modes of transport are supported). Vasile Coțovanu has already posted a quick demo of a MapKit map using the Directions service to GitHub.


A note at the very bottom of this developer page says:

"MapKit JS beta provides a free daily limit of 250,000 map initializations and 25,000 service calls. For additional capacity needs, contact us."

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