Friday, June 01, 2018

Discover Ukraine

The regions of Ukraine have partnered with Google to release a series of tourist maps which highlight and promote the tourist attractions available in each of the country's different regions. The new custom designed maps have been created to attract and help visitors discover the wonders of Ukraine and to provide visitors with all the tools they need to plan their trips around the country.

So far maps for two regions, Kyiv and Sumy, have been released. You can visit these individual regional maps at Discover Kyiv and Discover Sumy. Other regions maps will be available soon, but you can still find out what the rest of Ukraine has to offer at Discover Ukraine.

Each of the region maps uses a custom designed Google Map, interactive Street View tours, information about important locations and tools to help you plan your trip to the region. If you select one of the building icons on the map you can view detailed information about the chosen point of interest, views photos of the building and (where available) take a virtual tour using Google Street View.

Even if you have no plans to visit Ukraine these new individually designed maps are a great way to learn about the different regions of Ukraine and about each region's most historical buildings and places of interest.

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