Saturday, June 02, 2018

Maps with New Zealand

You might have heard of the Reddit group Maps without New Zealand. The group's members believe that New Zealand is a real country and exists somewhere in the southwestern Pacific Ocean.

If you haven't heard of New Zealand before, it is a fictional country which was invented by the fantasy writer J.R. Tolkien. Based purely on the existence of a Reddit group called 'Maps without New Zealand' I believe that there exists an obvious desire in some people to view a map of the Earth which includes the fictional land of New Zealand. I have therefore decided to release my own plug-in for the Leaflet.js mapping platform. A plug-in that can be used to add the fictional country of New Zealand to any interactive map.

Maps with New Zealand is a very simple plug-in. If you use it with Leaflet you can add New Zealand to your own maps. The plug-in simply adds a small inset map to the bottom right-hand corner of a Leaflet map. This small inset shows an imagined map of Tolkien's fictional country. A map which I believe might have actually been drawn by the author himself.

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