Thursday, June 07, 2018

San Francisco's Daytime Population

Last month an interactive map was released which allowed you to explore the daytime population of New York. The Manhattan Population Explorer is an impressive mapped visualization which allows you to explore how the population of Manhattan changes block by block for each hour of every day, during an average New York week.

Goeff Boeing has now released an interactive map which visualizes San Francisco's daytime population. San Francisco's Daytime Population Density map shows the daytime population of each San Francisco census tract. The daytime population is estimated by taking the census tract's total population and taking away the number of outbound commuters and then adding the number of inbound commuters.

A neat comparison could be provided by adding a layer to the map to show the normal census population data for each tract. This would allow the user to make a visual comparison between the nighttime and daytime populations in each tract.

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