Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Creating Moscow's Super-Park

Dvorulitsa Moscow is a project to transform Moscow's periphery into a superpark by transforming the yardstreets (dvorulitsa). Yardstreets are the spaces between the apartment blocks that dominate the periphery in Moscow. They are areas that are often dirty, unkempt and uninviting. Dvorulista wants to help local residents transform these communal spaces into places which people will enjoy and where they will be happy to spend time.

To achieve this aim Dvorulista wants to help locals identify yardstreets for improvement. It will then help them explore how the space is currently used and how this can be improved. These improvements could include many different things, including communal gardens, parks, cafes, cycle paths, better lighting or play areas. By supporting many organic local projects in this way it is believed that the periphery can eventually be transformed into a superpark which completely surrounds the city center.

Urbica has worked with the Dvorulitsa project to create an interactive map which shows the location of all Moscow's yardstreets and which residents can use to start and / or comment on local yardstreet projects. Yardstreets on the interactive map are colored yellow. Users can click on an individual yardstreet on the map to leave suggestions on how it could be improved or to propose a local project. The map was designed using Mapbox Studio to provide a distinctive looking map which complements the design and color-scheme of the Dvorulitsa project website.

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