Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Safe Cycling in Berlin

A new interactive map from Tagesspiegel provides a complete audit of the safety of Berlin's roads for the city's cyclists. Berlin is Planning New Bike Paths shows where new bike paths are being built in Berlin and also assesses all existing roads based on how safe they are for cycling.

Roads on the interactive map are colored to show how safe they are for bikes. This score is based on the length of the road and how much of the road has measures to support cyclists. If you click on a road on the map you can view details about how safe it is for cyclists. These details include the length of any dedicated cycle lane, the length of any bike paths and the length of any protective barriers on the road.

The red roads on the map have the least measures to support safe cycling. These roads tend not to have separated bike lanes or any protective barriers.  The yellow lines on the map are the new bike paths Berlin is building to support safer cycling in the city.

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