Monday, June 11, 2018

The 100 Worst Polluting Cities in the World

Just 100 cities around the globe create 18% of the world's emissions. The upside to heavily polluting cities contributing so much to the world's carbon footprint is that local action at the city level could have a meaningfully affect on global emissions.

City Carbon Footprints has created an interactive map of the 100 cities that contribute the most to the global carbon footprint. The Carbon Footprints of World Cities map shows the top 10 polluting cities in red, the 11-50 most polluting cities in orange and the 51-100 most polluting cities in blue. If you select a city on the map you can view the city's position in the top 100 and also the percentage that the selected city contributes to its country's national carbon footprint.

The top 100 cities shown on the map is based on the Global Gridded Model of Carbon Footprints (GGMCF). The GGMCF shows an estimate of carbon footprints across the world down to 250m. The interactive map on City Carbon Footprints also includes a layer which shows the GGMCF in per capita terms.

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