Monday, October 29, 2018

Counter Surveillance of the Police

Earlier this year the police in the Bavarian region of Germany were given controversial new powers. The Bavarian Police Task Act (PAG) gives the police increased surveillance powers, including the right to read the mail of private citizens.

The Peng-Kollektiv's new Cop Map is an attempt to turn the tables on the Bavarian police by allowing the public to provide real-time surveillance of the police. The Cop Map allows citizens to report the location of police officers on duty. In particular it wants to record police checks and actions against people of color, homeless people and those with an unresolved residence status.

The Peng-Kollectiv believe that it isn't only the German police who might be guilty of racial profiling and the excessive surveillance of private citizens. They are therefore happy for people around the world to use the map to map local instances of suspect police actions. You can also use Cop Map to show the locations of CCTV cameras in your local area.

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