Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Near Real-Time Pedestrian Counting

The City of Melbourne has implemented a fully automated pedestrian counting system to measure foot traffic and to help inform future decision making and planning. The counting system uses sensors that are fixed on street lights and awnings and which are able to count pedestrians as they walk below. The sensors are able to count pedestrians in each direction and the data is then uploaded every 15 minutes.

You can view the data from the sensors on the City of Melbourne - Pedestrian Counting System interactive map. Because the sensors upload the data automatically every 15 minutes you can use the map to actually view pedestrian traffic in Melbourne today. Just open the map calendar and select today's date and you can view an animated visualization of today's pedestrian traffic across Melbourne since the beginning of the day.

The map uses three colors of map marker to show how today's count compares to the average pedestrian numbers for the same times on the four preceding days of the week. If you select a sensor's marker on the map you can view a graph showing the hourly pedestrian count for the selected day. The graph also includes lines showing the four week average for the sensor and the yearly average.

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