Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Hurricane Michael Maps

The Washington Post has used data from the National Weather Service to create an interactive map of the forecast track of Hurricane Michael. The map includes forecast impact times which show when the hurricane is expected to hit locations in Florida and Georgia.

The WaPo map includes scaled markers which show the forecast category of the storm along its forecast path and the forecast wind speeds. The chance of experiencing tropical storm force winds is indicated on the map by colored polygons. The WaPo post on Hurricane Michael also includes a static map which shows the sea surface temperature anomalies currently being experienced in the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. This warm water is expected to help intensify the strength of the storm as it approaches the coast of Florida.

You can follow the progress of the storm in real-time using the Earth animated weather map. This real-time map uses weather data from the Global Forecast System to show current wind and wave patterns around the world. The map also includes a 3 Hour Precipitation Accumulation layer which shows how much rain has fallen in the last three hours. Earth's animated weather layers really do provide a dramatic visualization of the power of tropical storms like Hurricane Michael.

The National Hurricane Center has produced a series of maps tracking the progress of Hurricane Michael. These maps show the forecast path of Hurricane Michael, wind speed probabilities, the forecast arrival time of winds, rainfall and flash flooding potential and storm surge warnings.

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