Thursday, October 04, 2018

The Leaflet Travel Time Plug-in

Trafford Data Lab has released an isochrone plug-in for Leaflet.js, which allows you to show travel time reachability on your interactive maps. leaflet.reachability uses the openrouteservice Isochrones API to visualize how far you can walk, cycle or drive in different periods of time on a Leaflet.js powered interactive map.

You can explore the potential of the leaflet.reachability plug-in on the demo map. If you open the menu on the map you can select from the three different modes of transport (walking, cycling or driving) and select a period of time. If you then click on a location on the map you can view how far you can travel, using your selected mode of transport, in your chosen period of time.

At the moment the plug-in doesn't have any documentation (although "Detailed step-by-step instructions and a full implementation guide will follow here shortly"). For now if use the demo map as a guide the plug-in looks like it should be relatively easy to implement. Just remember that the plug-in uses the openrouteservice API so you will need to register with openrouteservice and then use your own API key with the leaflet.reachability plug-in..

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