Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Global Warming of the Seas

Global warming has led to rising water temperatures around the world. Reuters has released an interactive globe which visualizes how the sea temperature is rising and how this is affecting marine life around the world.

Reuters' Ocean Shock report includes a 3D globe which visualizes ocean temperatures around the world from 1970-2017. Press play on the globe and you can clearly see how ocean temperatures have dramatically increased over time, compared to their long-term averages, in many locations around the world. The globe is interactive so if you want to view the recent history of ocean temperatures for a different location you can just rotate the virtual globe.

As you scroll through Ocean Shock the globe updates with information about how rising sea temperatures are affecting marine life around the world. The globe shows that many marine species in the northern hemisphere are shifting ever northwards as they seek the even temperatures which they need to breed and live. Many of these same marine species are also moving deeper in the oceans to find the temperatures which they need in order to thrive.

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