Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Where M&S Gets its Fish

The M&S Supply Chain Map now shows where the company sources its fish & shellfish from. British retailer Marks and Spencer created the M&S Interactive Map in order to be more transparent with their customers. The map has been used in the past to show the factories around the world where M&S source their branded clothing, clothing accessories, footwear, food, non-alcoholic drinks and household products. It now also shows where the company sources its farmed and wild fish & shellfish.

Using the map you can view details on individual factories around the world which are part of the M&S supply chain. If you select an individual manufacturer on the map you can view a few details about the factory, such as the total number of employees and the percentage of female & male employees.

If you select 'Raw Materials' from the map sidebar you can now also view where M&S source their wild fish & shellfish and where they source farmed fish and shellfish. These fish & shellfish sources can be filtered on the map by individual country or by individual fish species. For example you can filter the map to just show where M&S sources rainbow trout.

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