Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Maps for Drones

The AirMap is an interactive map for drone pilots. The map provides an easy way to view local airspace rules, up-to-date flight advisories and the latest weather for your current location.

To start using AirMap you need to choose the type of drone mission that you require. This can be either flying for fun or a commercial drone mission. After you select your mission type the map sidebar displays the contextual airspace rules for your type of drone flight. The map sidebar also warns you if there are any current advisories for your location.

The areas where drone advisories are in operation are shown in red and yellow on the map. If you select one of these yellow or red areas on the map you can view the current drone restrictions in operation at that location.

After flying a successful mission if you have any photos or video of your flight you can post them to Dronestagram. Dronestagram is an Instagram type application for sharing aerial photos captured by drones. Users can post aerial pictures to Dronestagram and share their photos with the world.

Browsing Dronestagram is a fun way of exploring aerial views of the world. Just search a place-name to find nearby drone captured photos and videos. 

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