Thursday, October 25, 2018

Native American Archaeology

Native America is a four part series from PBS exploring 15,000-years of American history. It is accompanied by an interactive map which explores what archaeological artifacts found across the Americas can teach us about the lives of the American peoples.

The map take us on a tour of Native American archaeological finds. Artifacts that teach us about how goods and ideas were transported across North, Central and South America over thousands of years. For example there are the 1,000 year old chocolate pots found in Chaco, Mexico, where cacoa doesn't grow, proving that goods were traded over thousands of miles.

Other artifacts show how maize was quickly adopted throughout the Americas soon after it was first domesticated in Mexico. The map also shows the locations of cultural objects which can teach us more about the cultures and spiritual beliefs of Native Americans. These include masks found in the Pacific Northwest and in Tennessee.

Native America airs Tuesdays evening from Oct. 23. The first episode is available to watch on the Native America website.

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