Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Mapping Mass Graves in Iran

Following the Islamic Revolution in 1979 the new Iranian government began to violently purge itself of non-Islamic opposition. After the 1988 Iran-Iraq war the Iranian government began further mass executions of its political opponents. PainScapes has now identified over 100 locations across Iran that they believe are the sites of mass graves created by the Islamic Republic of Iran during the 1980's.

PainScapes has created an interactive map which shows the locations of mass graves and enforced disappearances in Iran. The map is based on data from Justice for Iran who have carried out three years of research into mass graves and forcibly disappeared individuals in Iran. The PainScapes map shows the location of over 70 mass grave sites. A further 50 sites are still under investigation. The colors of the map markers relate to how certain PainScapes is that they have identified the correct location of a mass grave.

If you click on a marker you can read the full details about the selected site. The details provided about each mass grave include a detailed map and an historical report about the crimes carried out at the site. They also include victim testimonies where available. The identity of the perpetrators is published where known.

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