Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Mapping International Trade

Flows & Tolls is an interactive map visualizing the flow of international trade around the world. The map allows you to view the export and import of 99 different commodities around the world. It also allows you to see which commodities different countries import and export and which countries trade with which countries across the globe.

Using the 'Exports' and 'Imports' buttons you can select to view the total amount of money earned or spent by each country on exporting or importing goods. If you select the marker for a country you can see the exact figure and also the top countries who the selected country trades with. Using the drop-down menus you can select to view the global trade flows of any 1 of 99 different commodities or the import & export trades of any country.

The Flows & Tolls map also includes a number of stories. These stories pick out different variables on the map to help explain the threat to the UK's trade from Brexit, China's dominance in the global trade in toys and which countries have the largest surpluses and deficits in global trade.

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