Thursday, October 18, 2018

New York's Fast Food Hot Spots

Last year the London mayor Sadiq Khan announced he wanted to introduce fast food exclusion zone around London schools. The purpose of these exclusion zones are to help fight the rise of child obesity. The zones don't apply to existing fast food outlets but would apply to anyone planning to open a fast food restaurant in the future.

You can see where these fast food exclusion zones will exist on Dan Cookson's interactive map London Schools 400m Exclusion Zones. Dan's map places a 400m circle around every school in London to show all the areas where new fast food outlets will be banned under the new policy.

New York has yet to follow suit with its own fast food exclusion policy for schools. However if you are a parent of a child in the Big Apple you can refer to the New York Fast Food Map. This hexbin map visualizes the concentration of fast food restaurants in New York. The colors of the hexagonal areas on the map relate to the total number of fast food eateries within each area. The map also shows the location of all the city's middle and high schools.

You can read more about the map and the data behind it on A Walk to Fast Food.

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