Friday, October 26, 2018

The World's Most Powerful Company

The East India Company: Data Visualisation allows you to explore the import & export trade routes of the East India Company between 1760 and 1834. At its peak the East India Company controlled over a quarter of the world's trade, essentially ruled over millions of people and had a private army over twice the size of the British army.

The East India Company: Data Visualization provides an interactive tool for exploring the import and export trade of the East India Company across the globe over time and for different commodities. Using the tool you can explore the rise and fall of the company's trade in products such as tea, textiles and metals. Select a commodity and you can view which countries the commodity was exported & imported from and how the trade in that commodity rose & fell over time.

The visualization provides a detailed explanation about the history of the East India Company's trade in each individual commodity. You can also animate the year-by-year values of imports and exports for these individual commodities. During this animation the scaled markers on the map update to show the value of this trade over the time of the animation.

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