Monday, October 01, 2018

Where Temperatures are Rising the Fastest

Temperatures are rising faster in the Swedish town of Kiruna than anywhere else in Europe. So far this century temperatures have risen 3.4° C above the 20th Century average for the Swedish town. The town with the second highest rise in temperature in Europe is Fredrickstad in Norway, where temperatures have risen by 3.0° C.

Der Spiegel has mapped out where temperatures have risen this century across Europe. Their Interactive Map on Global Warming uses historical temperature records for 500 different locations across the continent to show where temperatures this century are averaging above the average temperatures recorded in the Twentieth Century.

If you click on a location on the map, or on the list of locations below the map, you can view more details about the weather in the selected town. This includes a chart showing the average recorded temperature every year since the beginning of the Nineteenth Century. It also includes details on the number of extremely hot and cold days and how local temperature rises compare to the trends in other European cities.

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