Friday, November 09, 2018

1.4 Million French Dead on the Field of Honor

1.4 million French soldiers died between 1914 and 1918 in the First World War. That is the equivalent of 37 deaths per hour for four and a half years. One hundred years after Armistice day the French newspaper Le Figaro has released an interactive map which visualizes the huge number of French death in World War I.

Fallen on the Field of Honor animates through every single day of the war showing every location where French soldiers died on each day. The data for the map comes from the Ministry for the Armed Forces. The map doesn't show the French soldiers whose date and location of death remains unknown.

The map is accompanied by a bar graph which shows the number of deaths per week for the course of the whole war. This graph is annotated with the dates of important military offensives and campaigns. Fallen on the Field of Honor also has a bar graph which shows the number of soldiers who died by age. The average age of the dead was 27.5 years old.

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