Thursday, November 08, 2018

Mapping the Evolution of Brasilia

You can now explore the social and urban evolution of Brasilia on the pilotPlan interactive map. The map allows you to access and view historical photos, aerial imagery and vintage maps of the city since its inauguration as Brazil’s capital in 1960.

At the heart of pilotPlan is a timeline control which allows you to view historical maps, plans and images of the city from  different decades. When you choose a date from the timeline the bottom panel updates to show the media and overlays that you can add to the interactive map. For example, select 1960 on the timeline and you can view historical photos of the city from that decade. If you then select the map icon you can overlay a vintage 1960 map of the city on top of the interactive map. By selecting the hammer icon you can view vintage plans of the city on top of the map.

PilotPlan is the second interactive map exploring the social and urban development of a Brazilian city over time. You can explore the development of Rio de Janeiro since its foundation on the imagineRio interactive map.

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