Friday, November 23, 2018

Mapping the Rise of Populism

This week the Guardian newspaper has been running a series of articles exploring the rise of populism across the globe. The newspaper claims that over the last 20 years populist political parties have tripled their support in Europe.

In Revealed: one in four Europeans vote populist the Guardian has mapped the populist vote share in European national elections since 1998. Using the map's date slide control you can navigate to view the populist vote share across Europe for any year since 1998. The Guardian argues that the map shows how populism has made "inroads in western Europe’s major powerhouses in the past three years".

You can view the Guardian's full series on the rise of populism at The New Populism. The Guardian's quiz How populist are you has been particular popular among many of the people I follow on social media. The quiz tests how how left or right wing your political views are and how populist they are. It then tells you which political leaders around the world you are most similar and least similar to.

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