Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Send Street View Christmas Cards

It's nearly time to send your Street View Christmas cards. To help you create your seasonal custom panoramic cards you can now use Street View Postcards -  a new creation tool from Map Channels.

Here's my finished Street View Xmas card. If you want to create your own custom made card then you can use Map Channels' Street View Postcard tool. Using Street View Postcard you can make a Christmas Card for any location on Earth, as long as it has Street View imagery on Google Maps.

Register with Map Channels and you can decorate any Street View image with your own message, with animated falling snow and other Christmas decorations. When you have finished your Street View Christmas card you can share the link to the card with your friends or you can embed it in your own website or blog.

You can also create a personalized Street View message using It's a Message. This Google Maps application helps you create and send a personal holiday greeting from your own choice of Street View.

Once you select a Street View location and add your own personal message this app creates a stylized Street View scene, with animated snow and your greeting. The app pans and zooms around your chosen Street View image, accompanied by some nice soothing Christmas related music. Once you are happy with your personal Christmas Street View scene you can send the link to your friends.


John Kalthle said...
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Christmas Photo Cards said...

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