Tuesday, November 06, 2018

What Britain Thinks About Brexit

A majority of the British people want to remain in the EU. However the British government is still trying desperately and ineffectually to negotiate the UK's successful withdrawal from the European Union.

Channel 4 has decided that it would be interesting to discover what the British now think about Brexit. It commissioned Survation to carry out the largest survey on how the country would vote if there was a referendum on leaving or remaining in the EU today.

Survations's report on the survey What does the British public now think about Brexit? includes an interactive map which shows how many people in every local authority are estimated to now support leaving the European Union. The map shows that there could be a huge political cost in carrying on with Brexit. Scotland and nearly the whole of Wales is against leaving the EU and these nations might take a long time to forgive what they see as largely an English government forcing the UK out of Europe.

Earlier this week two maps purporting to show Remain Land and Leave Land were published by a number of British newspapers. This interactive map of the Survation survey shows that many areas of Leave Land would now like a Lexit referendum to secede from Leave Land and join Remain Land instead.

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