Tuesday, November 06, 2018

The United States of Apathy - No More

In the 2016 Presidential Election if absenteeism from voting was counted as a vote for 'nobody', then nobody would have won the election. More counties, more states and more electoral college votes were won by nobody than were won by either presidential candidate.

You can see where nobody won in a new joint interactive map from Esri and cartographer Philip Kearney. The United States of Apathy interactive map visualizes where voter apathy was biggest in the United States and how that affected the 2016 presidential race. The map shows how nobody won 445 out of 538 electoral votes.

As you progress through the United States of Apathy story map the most apathetic states and counties are shown on the map. These are the places where the most people didn't bother to vote. The story map also explores where the apathetic vote benefited Trump and where it benefited Clinton.

Don't let apathy win in the Midterm Elections. Go out and vote!

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