Saturday, November 03, 2018

Where to Buy Food Without Packaging

If you are eager to reduce your carbon footprint and desperate to find local shops which aren't full of foodstuffs and other goods sold in unnecessary packaging then you should bookmark Zero Waste Near Me. Zero Waste Near Me is an interactive map showing the locations of shops where you can buy unpackaged goods.

At the moment Zero Waste Near Me maps shops, markets and fruit & vegetable box schemes where you can buy produce which is free of unnecessary packaging. The map also shows the locations of shops which provide refill services. These may be refill services for laundry cleaning products, for shampoos & conditioners or even for beer refills.

Zero Waste Near Me does have plans to extend the range of zero waste resources that are shown on the interactive map. In the future it hopes to add the locations of community fridges (fridges where individuals and businesses can share surplus food - rather than disposing of it as waste). It also plans to map milk vending machines and repair cafes.

Currently Zero Waste Near Me only shows local zero waste resources in the UK. The quality of the data added to the map is ensured by the developers not allowing crowd-sourced additions. If Zero Waste Near Me wishes to expand across the globe then it will need to think about allowing users to add data to the map and the implications that crowd-sourcing might have on the quality of the data.

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