Saturday, November 24, 2018

Building a Bike Friendly Berlin

Earlier this year Berlin passed a mobility law designed to encourage safe cycling in the city. The law requires that all major and minor roads should have separated bike lanes, the creation of 100,000 parking spaces for bikes and the redesign of 30 accident hotspots every year.

In order to help facilitate safer cycling in Berlin the city has released FixMyBerlin. This interactive map is designed to inform the public about the planned cycling improvements in Berlin and to help show where it is already safe to bike in the city.

The map includes a Happy Bike Index layer which shows which roads are currently the least and most safe to cycle on. You can view the bike friendly rating of all Berlin's roads by selecting the Happy Bike Level layer on the map.

If you switch the map to the Planung view then you can view Berlin's planned cycling improvements. Different map icons are used on the map to show what stage each improvement has reached. These indicate whether the project is just in the conception stage, in the planning stage, currently being built or if the project has been completed. Users of FixMyBerlin can sign up to receive updates on any of the mapped cycling improvements. If you sign up for a project you will be kept informed every time the project is updated.

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